Transition 141122LND8

Transition 141122LND8

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Transition | Broken Top Glacier Lake, Three Sisters Wilderness, Bend, Oregon, USA

Offered As: Mounted Paper Print OR Framed & Matted Paper OR Paper w/Acrylic Overlay

If you prefer this image in a different medium i.e. metal or a different finish than what is offered here, just Contact Us and reference the title & image number.

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PAPER MOUNTED PRINT DESCRIPTION: All paper prints are printed on fine art archival photographic paper. Choose a 1", 1/2" or no white print border. Each print is mounted on 3/16', rigid, durable but lightweight Gatorfoam. The print arrives ready to self frame or use the plastic wall hanger included.

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FRAMED PAPER PRINT DESCRIPTION: Framed paper prints are double matted. Choose from white over black or black over white. Frames choices include; black or walnut rustic wood frames. A clear acrylic print cover, enclosed backing & wire wall hanger are standard.

NOTE: The print SIZE is 32” x 20”. The frame size is 36” x 24”. Each has a double mat.

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PAPER PRINT WITH ACRYLIC OVERLAY DESCRIPTION: A high resolution paper photo print is sandwiched between a 1/8” thick clear, polished acrylic and a DiBond aluminum backing. A cleat wall hanger is included.

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