Smith Rock Sunrise 131042LND8

Smith Rock Sunrise 131042LND8

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Smith Rock State Park, Terrebonne, Oregon, USA

Offered As: Unframed OR Framed Metal Print

Metal prints emphasize photo details & make colors more vibrant. Expect a head turning print that demands attention. Print details & options below photograph.

Prefer this image in a different format or finish than offered here? Contact Us for additional choices. Reference the title & image number.

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UNFRAMED METAL PRINT DESCRIPTION: Metal photo prints are created by infusing dyes directly into a specially prepared aluminum panel. The process make these prints almost luminescent! Each print is clear coated making the finish durable & easy to clean. Finish choices are; glossy or mid-gloss. The glossy finish exaggerates the detail & color but is more reflective. The mid-gloss is less reflective but slightly mutes the detail & color. If you are not sure which finish to order Contact Us. We would be happy to walk you through the decision making process. All prints arrive ready to hang.

FRAMED METAL PRINT DESCRIPTION: All frames are custom built with premium woods. Each includes a 2” black linen liner giving the image depth. This print is available in the following wood frames: 5” Cherry, 2-7/8” Dark or Medium Burl Wood or 3” Rustic Espresso with black 2” linen liner. All prints arrive ready to hang.

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