Smith Rock Sunrise 131042LND8

Smith Rock Sunrise 131042LND8

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Smith Rock State Park, Terrebonne, Oregon, USA

Offered As: Unframed OR Framed Metal Print

Metal prints emphasize photo details & make colors more vibrant. Expect a head turning print that demands attention. Print details & options below photograph.

Prefer this image in a different format or finish than offered here? Contact Us for additional choices. Reference the title & image number.

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UNFRAMED METAL PRINT DESCRIPTION: Metal photo prints are created by infusing dyes directly into a specially prepared aluminum panel. The process make these prints almost luminescent! Each print is clear coated making the finish durable & easy to clean. Finish choices are; glossy or mid-gloss. The glossy finish exaggerates the detail & color but is more reflective. The mid-gloss is less reflective but slightly mutes the detail & color. If you are not sure which finish to order Contact Us. We would be happy to walk you through the decision making process. All prints arrive ready to hang. Expect either a float mount hanger for sizes 24”x36” or smaller. Larger prints include a stiffening rear inset frame & a wire hanger. Both hanging systems make the print “float” an inch or so from the wall.

FRAMED METAL PRINT DESCRIPTION: All frames are custom built with premium woods. Each includes a 2” black linen liner giving the image depth. This print is available in the following wood frames: 5” Cherry, 2-7/8” Dark or Medium Burl Wood or 3” Rustic Espresso with black 2” linen liner. All prints arrive ready to hang.

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