Story Behind Limited Edition Release: Smith Rock Winter Fog 191017LND8LE

Story Behind New Limited Edition Release: Smith Rock Winter Fog 191017LND8LE

I hadn’t been out to take a photograph in over a week. Instead I had spent the last 5 days shoveling snow from a winter storm that dump 35+ inches of snow in Central Oregon. I shoveled the driveway, then the roof, then the driveway, then the roof. The pattern repeated itself for several days. My arms were toast from heaving the snow higher and higher each day.

After a bunch of days the snowfall finally began to wan and roads became navigable. I decided it was time to venture out and capture some winter landscapes.

Smith Rock State Park in Terrebonne, Oregon is a beautiful place and relatively easy to access even in weather like this. I arrive in the late afternoon. It was cold (19 F) and it soon would be getting colder. I kept my camera batteries in my pocket. Most cameras have an operating temperature range of 30F to 110F.

As I surveyed the landscape I considered my options. The two foot blanket of snow covered most of the high desert shrubs and plants. The fog hovered just above the rock wall pinnacles. The leafless trees stood in stark contrast against the white sky. After a moment of thought I knew exactly how I wanted to capture this scene.

With cleats on my boots I headed down the path from the overlook. Those who had braved the cold weather to snowshoe the trails along the river were headed in the opposite direction towards the parking lot.

I reach a spot opposite the prominent red pinnacle at the bend of the Crooked River. Out came my wide angle lens. After a photo or two I decided it just wasn’t wide enough for what I had envisioned. There was another option, take a panorama.

Panorama images require a level tripod and a level camera sitting on top. I extended the tripod legs and planted them in the snow. The legs went down deep! It took a good deal of time to find a position where all three legs found the ground. After mounting the camera it seemed to take forever to get the tripod and camera level.

I composed the photo in my head and lined up the first third in the view finder.

I wanted to take advantage of the low white clouds and fog to create an earthy, ethereal feel. I deliberately included a leafless tree at both ends of the image. They would serve as photo bookends framing the rock pinnacles in between. I also included some foreground plants that were still visible above the deep snow to give the image depth. After a little experimentation I had what I wanted, three separate images overlapping by about a quarter of a frame.

In post processing I allowed the sky background and foreground snow to go almost completely white and void of almost all detail. This conscious decision means the red rock walls, the river and the leafless foreground trees become the visual weight of the image. These elements standing in stark contrast against the white snow and sky become the center of attention.

I hope you enjoy the photograph.



Formats, Sizes & Purchase Options

I’ve added this image to my Limited Edition Portfolio. Only 250 Smith Rock Winter Fog 191017LND8LE prints will be offered.

This image is available as an unframed museum quality canvas 1.5” wrap. Printed on textured canvas, the scene will appear soft, painting-like. Consider this print for an uncluttered space where it stands alone. This photograph will draw the viewer in for a closer look around.

This photograph will also be offered as a paper print behind (face mount) hand polished, non-glare 1/4” acrylic. This more modern format accentuates the photographs details. Choose between a clean edge french cleat hanging system or, an ultra modern four corner stainless steel stud hanging option.

It is available in these sizes;

  • Museum quality canvas wrap 40” (w) x 20” (h), or

  • Museum quality canvas wrap 60” (w) x 30” (h), or

  • Paper print with clear acrylic overlay 80” (w) x 40” (h)

Please don't hesitate to email or call (480.204.3109) with questions about print buying. We enjoy working directly with client to create the print of their dreams.