Second Artistic Wind

I spent four hours walking and photographing the Hall of Moss trail at the Hoh Rain Forest during the morning. I opted to hike the Hoh River Trail in the afternoon. I began the hike at 3pm. I had no intention of hiking the entire 17 mile trail but hoped that I would find stunning nature scenes as I had that morning. Two miles in I was underwhelmed.

Maybe it was because the 0.8 mile morning walk was filled with one natural wonder after another that I expected the 17 mile hiking path would be much the same. Or, maybe I was just artistically tired. Nonetheless it wasn’t until I decided to turn around and head back that I found my artistic second wind.

As I turned for home the light began to filter through the trees and across the trail. New light, new inspiration.

I spied a tree with the forest floor creeping up its trunk from all directions. It was as if the forest floor was consuming the tree an inch at a time. Layers of moss and small plants seemed to be leap frogging each other trying to reach higher ground.

I decided this would make a super low angle image. I perspective from the plants point of view. But it would only work if everything from the first small plant right in front of my tripod to those at the highest angle were crisply in focus. This calls for a focus stacking image I told myself.

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Focus stacking is a technique whereby two or more (five in this case) photographs are taken with different focus points from the nearest to the farthest point of interest. In this image I took five photographs from the point closest to my camera to the highest point on the tree trunk. I moved the focus point up the frame with each shot.

In post production the images are stacked and blended together. The sharpest portion of each overlapping image results in a superbly sharp photograph. Zoom in on the small plants and tree trunk. You’ll be surprised at how sharp each little plant is.

Even a little wind can destroy the intent. So I took three series of five images and would exam them later to see which would be the best.

Newly inspired and motivated I pack the gear and strolled down hill looking for other photo opportunities.

Thank you for your interest and continued support.



Steve J. Giardini Photography

Bend, Oregon, USA


Olympic Forest Floor 191048NWND850

Olympic Forest Floor 191048NWND850