Steve J. Giardini is a professional outdoor nature and landscape photographer based in Bend, Oregon, USA. He is an artist, educator, speaker and photo tour guide.

As his public service career came to a close Steve searched for an opportunity to merge his active lifestyle, love of the outdoors, and passion for photography. Presto a new career was born - landscape photographer and adventure photo tour guide. The best of all worlds!

Influenced by both mid-1900 and contemporary landscape photographers, Steve adopted a fine art photography approach that utilizes natural light and a traditional, but unique composition style. The majority of his images are taken an hour before or after sunrise or sunset when the light is soft but dramatic.

Steve hopes his natural world photographs evoke a visceral response from viewers. He wants the images to encourage people to explore the outdoors. Equally important, he hopes his photos instill a sense of personal obligation to help preserve it.

Creating stunning photographs is one half of Steve’s professional vision. The other half is teaching and mentoring other ‘would be’ photographers. His resume includes 20+ years of teaching experience on a variety of topics. He appreciates the value of learning from experts, colleagues, and peers. A lifelong learner himself he knows the learning process never ends.

Steve’s photo classes, workshops, and adventure photo tours are built on the belief that learning should be fun but structured. Participants can “expected to be challenged without being intimidated”. They can anticipate a methodical but flexible approach. Most of all they can expect value added instruction, endless enthusiasm, and intellectual honesty.


Steve J. Giardini Outdoor Photographer

“Capturing the outdoor world in natural light.”

Steve work has been published in the international online Landscape Photography Magazine, the Bend Lifestyle magazine and is displayed in businesses and homes throughout Central Oregon and around the world.

He is an experienced outdoorsmen with years of emergency services experience and possess a current first aid and CPR certification.

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Steve J. Giardini

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