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Steve J. Giardini

Fine Art Photography

Rock Wall Sunrise (131039LND8)



A photograph represents a moment-in-time. Each photo is unique, singular.

I take great pride in composing photographs and ‘waiting for the light’. My goal is to create images that evoke a visceral response; a sense of calm, excitement, joy, motivation, or memory of a past experience. There is no higher compliment than for an admirer to tell me an image triggered a joyful memory, stimulated a wishful thought of exploration, or moved them to volunteer their time to preserve our natural world. I hope my images moved you as well.

My portfolio is subdivided into photo galleries; Abstracts & Intimate Landscapes, Land & Seascapes, National Parks & Monuments, and Waterfalls. I’ve also added special categories for Collections, Limited Editions & Unique Presentations. As you explore the galleries & consider a purchase know that nearly anything is possible. The website is a starting point. Be inspired but not limited by website choices. Contact us with questions, comments or special design needs.

My photo was delivered this week! I love it. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much 😊.
— Sonya, Redmond, Oregon 2019

Unique Presentations

Sometimes a subject or composition just won’t fit the standard camera photo format or that space on your wall. The Unique Presentation gallery is the place you’ll find non-traditional size photographs. So if you’re looking for a long & narrow piece to fit that space above the fireplace, or square pieces to fit the open stairway wall, or a tall narrow space between rooms, we can help.

Remember, the website is a starting point. Contact us with your questions or special design needs.

His photography is incredible. We purchased two of his photographs. Very pleased to hang them on our wall in our new home.
— L. Martin, Bend, OR 2018

Collections & Limited Editions

Collections are groups of photographs that have something in common; a theme, a location, or a mood. Each collection set is personally curated. Consider creating your own collection. Choose a set of forest photos, seascapes or mountain tops. Then contact me to discuss your collection idea & get a quote. A multiple-print discount has been applied to all collection prices.

Limited Edition photos are self-selected ‘special’ images. Only 250 prints of each image is printed. This scarcity makes them distinct and collectable.

Just discovered him thanks to a friend. What I’ve seen so far is fantastic!!
— Neil, 2018 Facebook Review
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